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So, Let’s Get Started

Last year Dave Folsom captured this shot of the North Hunterdon boys chasing the wild geese at the Passaic Co. Coaches Invite.
Just like the NHHS harriers chasing the geese that day, thousands of NJ High School runners will be chasing the prize again this year.

Over the next few weeks, we will be presenting as much information as we can to prep our viewers for what will be another Great Cross Country season in New Jersey

We’ll start with “Virtual” meets formatted to simulate the end of season State Championship series;
Sectionals > Groups > Meet of Champions. Using average times run last year over 5000 meters, we’ll follow the possibilities through to what might happen at the big dance in November.

Obviously, this is more art than science. It is based solely on the numbers and there are always variables. Starting with the Group 1 Sectional Meets, let’s take a look.

Virtual Sectional Championships

*SJ Gr. 1 – Individuals

* SJ Gr. 1 – Teams

* CJ Gr. 1 – Individuals

* CJ Gr. 1 – Teams

* North 1 Gr. 1- Individuals

* North 1 Gr. 1 – Teams

* North 2 Gr. 1 – Individuals

* North 2 Gr. 1 – Teams

Note: Scroll down to view Girls after Boys

Let’s move on the Group 2

* SJ Gr. 2 – Individuals (Revised)

* SJ Gr. 2 – Teams (Revised)

* CJ Gr. 2 – Individuals

* CJ Gr. 2 – Teams

* North 1 Gr. 2- Individuals

* North 1 Gr. 2 – Teams

* North 2 Gr. 2 – Individuals

* North 2 Gr. 2 – Teams

Monday: Group 3 Sectional Virtual Meets

I know I said in the last post that I would publish Group 3 on Monday, but…

I’m having so much fun that I plan on finishing the Public School Virtual Sectionals tonight so I can move along to Groups.

Here we go with the next set (G3)

* SJ Gr. 3 – Individuals

* SJ Gr. 3 – Teams

* CJ Gr. 3 – Individuals

* CJ Gr. 3 – Teams

* North 1 Gr. 3 – Individuals

* North 1 Gr. 3 – Teams

* North 2 Gr. 3 – Individuals (Revised)

* North 2 Gr. 3 – Teams (Revised)

Last, but certainly not least. The Group 4 Sectional Virtual Meet

* SJ Gr. 4 – Individuals

*SJ Gr. 4 – Teams

* CJ Gr. 4 – Individuals

* CJ Gr. 4 – Teams

* North 1 Gr. 4 – Individuals

* North 1 Gr. 4 – Teams

* North 2 Gr. 4 – Individuals

* North 2 Gr. 4 – Teams

Photo: Dave Folsom for

Raw Data by

7 comments on “So, Let’s Get Started

  1. XC
    August 5, 2013

    Anyone ever compare these “predictions” to actual outcome? I appreciate the work involved and I hope it proves semi valid.


    • Pat Montferrat
      August 6, 2013

      These are not meant as predictions. They are only a virtual / “what if” scenario based on current data.
      I refer back to this and a ton of other information throughout the season to see what the “surprises” are.


  2. Brian Walsh
    August 6, 2013


    It could be my browser/iPhone, but I am unable to pull up SJG4.



  3. Stephen Kelley
    August 7, 2013

    This is exceptional raw data. One interesting variable is your rankings has Freehold 6th in Central Jersey Group 4. One national ranking has Freehold #13 nationally.


    • Pat Montferrat
      August 7, 2013

      Thanks very much. I appreciate your comments.
      Overall, this is really not a ranking, but rather a remix of data from LY. There are a ton of variables that the raw data does not necessarily reveal. Incoming Frosh, transfers to name a couple, and as in the case of Freehold Twp, talented runners who previously played soccer in the Fall.
      I pull together this kind of stuff to get the conversations going for my favorite season of the year. My State preseason rankings will be posted right around Labor Day.



  4. Stephen Kelley
    August 7, 2013

    Agreed Pat. Return of injured runners who did not compete last year is also very significant


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