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Shore Coaches – Observations & Take Aways









Despite the pre meet commentary about everything from the size of the fields to the impending weather concerns, the 40th adidas Shore Coaches Invitational went off seemingly without a hitch and the fans were treated to some great racing throughout the day.

Because of the the huge difference in conditions on Saturday, it was really a “Tale of Two Invites”. The morning session was held in persistent rain that would shift from lighter to heavier every few minutes it seemed. While the modern day Holmdel layout is often lauded as being fairly rain resistant, there were instances of flooded patches out on the course and officials spread dry straw over the finish area to make it less treacherous to the finishing runners.  Just prior to the afternoon session, the rain stopped, the sun emerged and moderate temperatures prevailed, making the afternoon session a much different scene.

In order to give some perspective to the difference in conditions during the course of the day and the affect on performances, we split the results into 2 distinct merges. Links to those results are below;

Girls – Morning Session

Girls – Afternoon Session










Photo by my good friend MaroonNews

Thanks for Lou Fraulo and the talented group at Fraulo Race Timing for the results



One comment on “Shore Coaches – Observations & Take Aways

  1. Paul Schwartz
    October 5, 2014


    Somehow Ridge got mixed into your merge as Ridgewood. Ridgewood’s kids are Halvorsen, Jeffers, Cleary, Taylor and Martin with Adams and Reis.


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