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NJ High School XC Rankings – Girls Week 5

PaganoSCI2 Northern Highland senior Catherine Pagano en route to the fastest time of the day (18:28), winning the “B” Race at SCI.

(Post SCI Edition)

Every week during the season Hillsborough coach Rich Refi and I talk about the previous week. He always starts the conversation with “So…What did we learn this week”, a very apt inquiry from a teacher. I think what we learned this week is that nothing is certain.

RBC takes back the top spot with a strong performance in the adidas Inv. Race, but a team that has been in the middle grouping of everyone’s lists this year, Ridge, threw down a very nice performance to take the “A” Race and move to the second slot this week. Three squads that had not been ranked in Week 4 put themselves on the radar and all of a sudden Group 3 becomes as uncertain as Group 4. Four teams from Group 3 now figure into the 14 teams in the state receiving votes this week.


GIRLS: Week 5
RANK TEAM VOTES 1ST PLACE Week Looking Back Looking Ahead
1 Red Bank Catholic 98 8 2 Winners of adidas Inv. Race @ SCI Eastern States @ Manhattan Inv.
2 Ridge 88 7 “A” Race champs @ SCI Somerset Co. Champs10/15
T3 Randolph 69 2 3 No Race Eastern States @ Manhattan Inv.
T3 Hillsborough 69 5 2nd in “A” Race @ SCI Somerset Co. Champs10/15
5 Ridgewood 65 1 2nd in adidas Inv. Race @ SCI Big North Div. @ Darlington
6 Haddonfield 44 4 No Race “B” Race @ Manhattan Inv.
7 Princeton 39 NR 3rd in adidas Inv. Race @ SCI Fall Classic @ Thompson Pk.
8 Voorhees 29 NR Won “D” Race @ SCI HWS Champs 10/16
9 WW-P So. 26 6 4th in adidas Inv. Race @ SCI No Race
10 Shawnee 9 NR 3rd in “A” Race @ SCI SJ Open @ Delsea
Also Receiving Votes:
Morristown (7) No. Highland (4) Freehold Twp (2) Mendham (1)

Athlete of the Week
Catherine Pagano (Northern Highlands ’15) – The talented senior from Northern Highlands made a powerful statement about the individual picture among the Ladies by taking the “B” Race in 18:27.48. Her time was the fastest of the day and led the Highlanders to a 2nd place (6th runner tie breaker) in her race.

Photos by My friends: MaroonNews and Dennis Smythe (RunningWorksPix)

9 comments on “NJ High School XC Rankings – Girls Week 5

  1. Austin
    October 8, 2014

    Still not idea how Morristown gets a single vote, much less 7 votes, and more than N.Highlands and Mendham? Motown has neither a body of work, nor anything current (done for me lately theory) to look at. Mendham on the other hand has very tangible (and impressive) results lately, yet barely registers a single vote. Besides a very nice SCI, that 19:42 average at a Greystone midweek dual meet before SCI was not chopped liver.


  2. greentree53
    October 8, 2014

    Austin I agree with you on Morristown. They are getting votes as a function of some nice returning runners who have not had the chance to compete in a invitational this fall. I believe they are running this weekend at Manhattan. Not certain as to why Freehold also receives any votes. Great 4 x 800 relay but is their an XC team this fall


  3. Brian Walsh
    October 8, 2014

    Tough to argue with these rankings. The teams that are ranked certainly deserve it at this point in the season.


  4. greentree53
    October 8, 2014

    Austin i agree with you that Mendham needs more support. I had overlooked them as they were down the ledger in the Girls Merge at Bernie Mcgee. Forgot they had a exceptional Frosh not included in the Merge. Group 3 has some good teams(Princeton and Northern Highlands) but i think Mendham has a good shot at advancing to MOC

    Group 4 is wicked strong. Tracks back to the prior argument on the absurdity of the overall Group structure particularly the Non Public’s receiving 3 automatics per group.

    I totally respect Paul Schwartz of the Record but i simply disagree that the third place Non Public B team should compete at MOC at the expense of Shawnee who is the current #6 Group 4 team in the above rankings. It is simply wrong.

    Assuming the NPA and NPB groups are sacred cows and can not be eliminated(Like virtually all other states that do not segregate pubs and non pubs)I really would love to see an NJSIAA leader champion a proposal to allocate automatics to Group Champions and runner up. The remaining 8 slots allocated by wild card. It would be a better meet while still giving the smaller schools just recognition and the opportunity to pull off a miricle on the trails


  5. Brian Walsh
    October 8, 2014

    Mendham’s kids were all accounted for on the merge. Their Frosh was 100th overall, and 93rd for the team scoring.


  6. Brian Walsh
    October 8, 2014

    Looks like Mendham had a second Frosh at 21:01 as well, also accounted for on the merge. Both appear to have run in the Varsity B race.


  7. Austin
    October 8, 2014

    Mendham has the tightest pack of any of the ranked or considered schools as well. Two exceptional frosh among the scorers right now, so hard to say how they will hold up into November. They should clearly be ranked ahead of the hypothethically good Morristown team. Many of us hate rankings based on guesses about supposedly good returning runners who haven’t raced a single stride yet in 2014.

    The actual Top 10- not much to quibble with.


  8. greentree53
    October 8, 2014

    Brian my reference was to the Bernie Mcgee. Merge not SCI. I know the Frosh on Mendham helped their team at SCI. Mendham is a real good program the last five years.

    Austin to me the rankings are simply for fun. They build interest in the season, educate others to overlooked teams(like you did with Mendham) and give parents/fans something to do in the evenings.

    We have a great sport with great kids throughout the state. I contrast that with the horrible stories out of Sayerville.


    • Austin
      October 9, 2014

      Amen to that greentree. Between concussions, other lifetime debilitating injuries and physical and mental abuse, who in their right mind would have their kids in football in this day and age? I agree, distance running and the team aspect builds much more character without the permanent damage.


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