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NJ High School XC Rankings – Group Champs Edition (Girls)

DSC_8953  It was a Saturday of championship racing that will be remembered for a long time. Great performances throughout. Surprises and upsets were the order of the day. Red Bank Catholic was as dominant as you can get, going 4-8 in the NP “A” race, Hillsborough in a squeaker, reversing their 1 point conference loss to Ridge. And the Skyland Conference putting 4 schools in the MOC.

I cannot wait until Saturday. But first…Week 11 for The Ladies

GIRLS: Week 11
RANK TEAM VOTES 1ST PLACE Week Looking Back Looking Ahead
1 Red Bank Catholic 100 10 1 NP “A” Champions          M
2 Hillsborough 89.5 5 Group 4 Winners by 1 point over Ridge          O
3 Ridge 85.5 3 Group 4 Runners up          C
4 Voorhees 54 NR Group 2 Champions                                    M
5 Mendam 52 6 Group 3 Winners                                    O
6 North Hunterdon 46 NR 3rd in Group 4 Race                                    C
7 Ridgewood 43 2 4th in Group 4 Race – Top Wild Card                                                                   M
8 Rumson-Fair Haven 40 10 2nd in Group 2 Race                                                                   O
9 Haddonfield 20 7 3rd in Group 2 Race                                                                   C
10 Princeton 12 NR 2nd in Group 3 Race
Also Receiving Votes:
W. Windsor-P’boro South (8)

Cover Photo by MaroonNews

16 comments on “NJ High School XC Rankings – Group Champs Edition (Girls)

  1. greentree53
    November 19, 2014

    What amazing balance in the girls ledger. A week earlier WWPS hammered Hillsboro at sectionals; One week later un ranked. I think WWPS is a very dangerous team with an exceptional 1-2 punch. Groups might have been an off day and it would not surprise me to see them challange for a top 3 spot. Same applies to Ridgewood

    Ultimately for the Group 4 race last week the mantra was survive an advance. Any of the advancing Group 4 teams could crack the top 3 this week

    Th long Green Train might be the favorites but they are not a stone cold mortal lock


    • Austin
      November 19, 2014

      I think you can put a whole lot more weight to that Hillsborough hammering of WWPS in the Groups, than you can for the opposite at Sectionals. Lets be honest, good coaches know that Sectionals really mean very little to a top flight team with a real chance at Groups or MOC. No one remembers or frankly cares about the Sectional winners in the long run. They must time their peak just right, and most good coaches aren’t going to hammer Sectionals if they sense any peak or staleness coming. That being said, Ridgewood’s 3-5 looked to be running a bit burned at Groups, and not sure about WWPS. All else being equal, again, it comes down to Senior leadership and good peaking. I’m not sure who has the edge after RBC’s train.


  2. Paul Schwartz
    November 19, 2014

    Actually Ridgewood’s number three had a miserable race at groups and number four was a touch off. But number five (four on Saturday) had her best race of the year and if Martin comes back — they’ll be in the mix for second. Ridge is steady and Hillsborough has been up and down all season. Saturday should be a blast with at least 5 girls possible individual winners (but I’m picking Glasergreen)


  3. greentree53
    November 19, 2014

    Austin, I agree with you on sectionals. That being said when the races start the teams want to win. I think WWPS had a real bad Group race but they have top of the order talent and girls who have run much faster at Holmdel then occured last week

    I agree totally with Paul on Ridgewood. I see them anywhere from 1st to 6th. Less likely 1st then 7th but i do not think RBC is a stone cold lock. Saturday wil be their first race with legitimate team competition. Some kids respond well to pressure other do not.

    If i am were bettin gtoday i go the follwoing order







    Glasergreen over Castendra by around 5 seconds(18:07), Pagano 3rd, Warner 4th and Gess 5th

    I assure you i will be wrong on all of the above


  4. Austin
    November 20, 2014

    Interesting points all. I agree on RBC and Glasergreen, who looks very fresh and hungry. But seems like Castenada is a total wild card. She runs so easy- like she’s got another 3 gears there somewhere if needed. I think Glasergreen just under 18.
    Well deserved too. Agree on Gess 4th or 5th.

    For teams, I really have no idea-its all going to come down to race day execution and how many kids feel good that day. Coaching is all top notch. All the Group 4 squads seem to have about an equal scattering of seniors in their top 7. Mendham is not there yet this year with such a young team, but will be interesting to see how Hope Tibony races on Saturday. After RBC, who will win by 10 or 15 points, I will go with Hillsborough, Ridge, Ridgewood, WWPS.


  5. greentree53
    November 20, 2014

    I think Tibony is 2nd frosh(after girl fromMainland) in race and possibly gets top 20 medal. I cautiously agree with on RBC but still think their girls could stumble under the pressure of a race with actual competition. If they stumble any of the aforementioned teams in your post could rise up and snare the laurels.

    I may be the only one out there but i think WWPS with their exceptional top 2 is very dangerous. Their 3-5 had off days last week but if they bounce back it could be a shoot out


  6. Pat Montferrat
    November 20, 2014

    RBC has run against plenty of very good teams. Races in R.I. / Manhattan/ SCI/ County/ Conf. They all weren’t tomato cans


    • greentree53
      November 20, 2014


      RBC is beating the teams in Jersey one expects them to beat. At county and conference races their only competition a good Rumson teamRUmson. They won SCI but their primarly challengers for MOC treat SCI has a tune up for October.

      Th eout of state races they finished 2nd and 5th respectivly. No shame but not a dominant program like Pennsbury in Pa.

      I think RBC wins this weekend but it would not surprise me if your heart and head were correct.


  7. Pat Montferrat
    November 20, 2014

    My heart says Hillsborough in a squeaker. My head says Hillsborough in a squeaker 😎


  8. Joe Lanzalotto
    November 20, 2014

    RBC hasn’t faced anyone? Really?


  9. Paul Schwartz
    November 20, 2014

    Not quite sure how to respond to the RBC comment. Who else in this race has run against ANY TEAM as tough as RBC?


  10. greentree53
    November 20, 2014

    My immdeate reference was to Group NPA race. Yes the various meets you referenced had competition. There is November pressure and September/October Pressure. Hillsborio, Ridge, North Hunterdon all responded big time last week in the face of very significant survive and andvance pressure. RBC had the luxury of knowing they were going to advance but still ran an impressive long race

    Teams like Hillsboro, WWPS barely ran serious races until their county championships. They are different teams now then they were at SCI Manhattan etc…

    Pay may be correct but i still see RBC by around 10 points. They are the favorites but not a stone cold lock


    • Austin
      November 20, 2014

      I fully understand and somewhat agree with you greentree. But their coach is going to do everything in his power to prepare his train for the other trains that will be trying to derail. A race like MOC with this kind of high level competition and drama is as much about coaching, experience, maturity and leadership- as it is about pure stats on paper. Some of the kids- I am thinking more of the 3-7 runners- are going to be really surprised by the level of team tactics and packs from the other teams. Some less experienced kids in the second-tier pack are going to be, frankly, psyched out by that intensity they may not have witnessed before. Any of us who has ever toed that line at the MOC knows that this is a very, very different race than any early season invitational. But RBC has a coach who will surely prepare his club mentally for this challenge, and to be on the lookout for team tactics from tight packs like Ridge.


  11. greentree53
    November 20, 2014

    Austin we shall see. RBC is a great program and will not be surprised if they win. I will be pulling for one of the Skyland programs particularly the one my daughter toes the line for.

    I would have enjoyed seeing Randolph run fully healthy. I still think on paper they cruse to MOC with Harsh and Lansing. Still, Injuries are part of the sport and who ever wins on Saturday is the best team in New Jersey.


  12. Pat Montferrat
    November 21, 2014

    Sorry Steve. Enough is enough. I’ve removed your last post.
    Please do not post on this forum anymore.


  13. greentree53
    November 21, 2014

    Pat, i did not criticize anyone simply stated a fact. I have never criticizes a program or runner ever.. Never have and never will.

    It might be your forum but Censorship is wrong unless one is making Anti what ever comments.(Racist, sexist, other anti comments). I fully celebrate the teams and individuals that are running tomorrow.

    I also feel bad for teams that are watching behind the ropes while certain programs will finish with aggregate team times over 1:50. If you are ok with that so be it. That being said i think it is wrong to block out other opinions but it is your forum

    You do a great job with the sight and will enjoy reading the various story lines


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