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The Holmdel Lists – 2015 Shore Coaches Edition


The first time I ran a XC race at Holmdel Park was in 1972 over a 2.5 mile layout versus St. John Vianney and Bishop Ahr High Schools. It was a much different, and obviously shorter course back then. In 1979 the present day layout was put into service and it has been part of the history and legend of New Jersey Cross Country ever since.

Like any athletic venue that builds history, eventually some stats nut starts putting together lists. I guess that the first one to do that regarding Holmdel Park was Ed Grant. If you follow the sport in any depth, that name is all that needs to be said. Mr. Grant has documented and archived the history of, not just Holmdel Park, the entire sport at the High School level in NJ. The information from his newsletter forms the basis of the earliest data on these lists. In addition to Ed Grant, many of us have worked on maintaining this information from time to time. There are many sources and many people to thank…so, THANK YOU ALL!! For this particular edition , I am particularly thankful to Joe Lanzalotto who put in a yeoman’s effort on, especially, the All Time Team lists.

So, without further ado, on the eve of the New Balance Shore Coaches Invitational… I present “The Holmdel Lists”

All Time Teams – Girls

All Time Teams – Boys

All Time Individuals – Girls

All Time Individuals – Boys

Coming up tomorrow… All Time Single Race Lists








** Lists are updated through the 2014 Meet of Champions. Please direct corrections to me at

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